R.I.P. Cary Ball posters pop up around neighborhood he was shot in

R.I.P. Cary Ball posters pop up around neighborhood he was shot in

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2nd Anniversary of Scott Perry’s death in the STL Justice Center
To make sure that the second anniversary of Scott Perry's death does not
pass unnoticed, his family will express their love for their brother and
their hatred of his jailers and murderers outside of the Justice Center
downtown. Let's join them to show that they are not alone in their anger.

Monday, June 3rd--4:30pm-8:40pm
The Justice Center, 200 S. Tucker, St Louis
Bring banners, anger and noisy things.
For more information about Scott Perry's death, see the report back below
from last year's demonstration.
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Success of Boston surveillance photos cited in support for broader system here →

From the article:

"The images captured in Boston are validation of a three-year project in St. Louis to link 150 surveillance cameras into a single security system throughout the city’s central corridor, from the riverfront to Forest Park."

"The security system, which organizers hope to have in place in about three months, would equip police with tablet computers and software allowing officers to look through any of the cameras on the network. With newer cameras, police would be able to zoom, pan and tilt to get a better view."

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